WP Engine Reviews based on an online survey in 2020

WP Engine Reviews

WP Engine Reviews in Detail

There are wp engine reviews flooded all over the internet. But this review on the wp engine is going to be somewhat special because I will provide you with all the genuine facts about the wp engine and how it works in real-time with all my original working experience with wp engine.

Apart from my own experience, I will also give you facts that I have seen about wp engine managed WordPress hosting, as I got them through a detailed survey with wp engine hosting users.

What is WP Engine?

WordPress is the current trend, and so is the managed WordPress hosting. The main reason is it is extremely user friendly (you can operate and manage it completely without zero technical expertise).

Secondly, you can host your website and do any kind of modifications just in a few clicks. There is no need for any C panel handling, no crashing of websites due to technical issues, just make some clicks and you set-up your website just the way you want it to be.

And talking about the features, you get tons of premium plug-in that make your work even easier, and your set-up an awesome looking, dynamic, lightning-fast website without having any kind of programming knowledge.

My Suggestions

I would suggest fully managed wp hosting for these two groups of users:

  • Users who don’t want to go for any web developer and want to manage their website by themselves alone. Through my personal experience, I would say that it is not at all profitable if you need to call the web developer each and every time for every small change you want to make on your site. So, go for fully managed hosting. The wp engine review says that it’s a bit costlier affair than the others. But if you consider the overall profitability, then wp engine hosting will be the better option.
  • WP Engine web hosting is also best suitable for site owners who get huge traffic to their websites. It doesn’t matter how much the traffic is; the site doesn’t crash at all. They will also provide you with the end-to-end data security packages with the premium plans that you don’t need to worry about at all about the forgery issues.

Note: Even blogs like shoutmeloud.com also use wp engine web hosting. They started using wp engine hosting service with a plan of $250/month, which they upgraded later on.

With a $250 per month package, the wp engine used to offer a traffic handling of 400,000 per month. Shoutmeloud was getting around 350,000 visits to their site per month. So they chose that plan. Later on, they received more traffic than expected and ended up paying more. This is a real-time case study which gives us two important notes-

  1. The site never crashes even with traffic more than expected.
  2. The site starts receiving more traffic as the site becomes faster and ranks higher.

Why is WP Engine So Expensive?

It’s the matter of security, the security of your site/blog. As you know, due to the huge shifting from offline to online, these days hacking, forgery related stuff has been appearing to the industry every now and then. When your site is unknown, you are safe! But as you keep growing- things start becoming difficult for you to maintain. Those are the times, and you need someone/ some reliable organization to take care of all your worries related to the technical as well as the security issues of your site.

You can be sure that when you reach a level where you drive 50,000 per month traffic to your site, it’s definitely the time to shift to a more secure web hosting company. The shared hosting will not be the perfect match for you anymore. You’ll need peace of mind where you can focus more on your blog, content, promotion, earning related stuff rather than getting involved in technical worries. More pathetic are the times, if your server crashes or your site gets hacked by some notorious hacker.

Even you may face issues like “content theft,” “spamming,” or “invalid activity.” To stop all these inconveniences, you’ll then need a superior technical support provider such as WP Engine, who guarantees 100% uptime, with end-to-end security services, and the best user experience. I hope you know why the wp engine is so expensive.

Is WP Engine Shared Hosting?

Not at all, it’s a fully managed WordPress Hostingwith no C-Panel and completely managed by the WordPress server.

Wp Engine Plans and Pricing

Like the other hosting service providers, even wp engine offers a variety of plans.

Let us look at the pricing for each package in detail below.

wp engine review with pricing

To get more information on the pricing, plans, and to make the final purchase, you can visit the wp engine official site.

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Wp Engine Affiliate Programmes

WP Engine has an action-packed affiliate program that is highly convertible if your pitch is right. If you are an affiliate of WP Engine, they will provide you with the latest tools, banner ads, highly designed attractive promotional content, customized landing pages, so that you can easily drive traffic and convert interested customers into sales.

There are two different products that you can promote and sell, while you are a wp engine affiliate marketer. Apart from selling the hosting plans, you can also sell the best sellers, such as the Studiopress premium themes and the WP Rocket themes.

The WP themes are very demanding in the industry, which you can sell very easily. Just you have to do is to bring the traffic using all these promotional resources. The products are so awesome that when a person reaches on the landing page, they will automatically purchase the WP Engine products.

Commissions on Sales

If you are able to sell the hosting plans by wp engine, you will get a minimum commission of $200 and a 35% commission on every sale of WP Engine themes.

Affiliate Support Team

WP Engine has a very powerful, helpful team consisting of the expert affiliate marketers who guide the affiliates constantly, and when they need it. In case of any queries related to payment issues, terms and conditions, promotional activities rules and regulations, a wp engine affiliate can directly approach the team for instant guidance.

Referral Tracking Made Easy

When you become a wp engine promoter and seller, you will be provided with a separate affiliate marketer dashboard. Within just one click, you will receive the entire selling data an track all the visits, the customer behavior, the payment details, referral details-each an everything that you must know.

Customized Sales Offers

If you think that your pitch is perfect, and you have better plans to offer to a customer, please go ahead and create a custom offer to grab more interested customers, WP Engines gives you that benefit.

You can promote their products and services in your own way, own style, at yes with your own rates. On the process, you can create highly attractive landing pages, and WP Engine will provide you with all the technical support and latest promotional tools to do the same.

Cookies Up to Six Months

Selling becomes tougher if there are no cookies. Cookies help in doing remarketing, showing the same types of ads/notifications to the same customer again and again till he decides up his/her mind in purchasing the product which he/she’s been seeing continuously for months. WP Engine provides you with long-term cookies that last up to even six months.

For the premium themes, you get cookies for up to two months, which is fair enough too. Once you sign-up with the affiliate marketing program of WP Engine, you will be flooded with lots of benefits. Try it to know it better. Get into the Wp Engine family, relax and enjoy the web life more effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WP Engine worth?

If you want your site to be secure and fully optimized that too without having to do a lot of
work, then you can opt for WP Engine. WP Engine will take care of all the task that is required to be done from keeping your site secure to making it highly ranked on search engines.

How much WP Engine cost?

The rates for WP Engine services start from $30 to $35 per month.

Do WP Engine use C-Panel?

No, WP Engine does not use C-panel. It has its own simple user portal which can be accessed and granted control over basic menus, functions of WordPress installation, MYSQL admin, user accounts, billing information, and a lot more.

Who uses WP Engine?

WP Engine is mostly used by gigantic companies with a high number of visitors to the site. Since the rates of WP Engine is pretty high, therefore it is mostly recommended for big companies and organization.

Does WP Engine offer an email service with a hosting plan?

No, you have to separately purchase an email plan.

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