What is cloud hosting?

In simple words, cloud hosting is a service where you can host your website across multiple servers or virtual machines. In the traditional hosting method, your website will be hosted on a single server that could also cohost many other websites along with your websites. 

What are the advantages of cloud hosting over shared hosting?

When you are having a high-traffic website, that has huge number of web pages, you cannot rely on a shared network. Because shared networks do not cater enough speed to load the webpage, and also do not have tight security. Whereas cloud hosting gives you the following advantages:

  1. Faster website speed: Cloud servers provide superfast loading speeds even if there is a high amount of traffic and engagements. Due to the multiple server availability, the cloud connects various  CDNs at the same time. This means it has the ability to balance load across various VMs (Virtual Machines)
  1. Continuous availability and scalability: The website is hosted across multiple servers. Hence even if one server fails, the other server can take over. Therefore, you hardly face any server down issues on your website. Also, because of multiple servers, the reach is and the uptime is immense. Which therefore gives you the advantage of dealing with a sudden increase in traffic on your site.
  1. Easy and faster to set up: Unlike the shared or private hosting network, cloud hosting is simple to set up. Its also a lot faster to set up, since the hardware requirements of the cloud hosting is comparatively lesser than the other hosting methods.
  1. Easy to manage the server: The traditional hosting services were difficult to manage, because of the huge hardware requirements and complicated equipment. But the Cloud hosting servers usually come with simple user interface. This makes it very easy to manage even a very big site.
  1. Less hardware means more safety: Previously every server used to take up huge space within the building. Provided you even had to deal with a huge number of cables. The whole setup was very vulnerable to electric shocks, and danger too. Apart from the physical safety issues, you can also threats from hackers.

However, the cloud hosting service are a lot safer since they do not need big hardware setup. It is also safer and inaccessible to any hackers since the website is hosted across various VMs

  1. Highly Cost-effective: You can save a lot of money and resource on cloud hosting. These services do not need extensive hardware or even additional setup. The hosting is also very affordable with competitive pricing. One of the smart things about cloud hosting is you pay for what you use. You need not pay for anything that is unuseful or anything extra.

The easier accessibility to the data will save a lot of time and money for your organization. Moreover, fewer hardware resources will save you huge electricity bills and high maintenance charges.

There are many cloud hosting service providers, here are some of the top cloud hosting service providers.

1) HostGator
2) Hostinger
3) Cloudways
4) Bluehost
5) Dreamhost
6) SiteGround

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