Siteground Web Hosting Review (Updated In 2020)

What is Siteground?

Siteground Web Hosting Review

Siteground web hosting review 2020: A Web Hosting company is ‘Siteground’ that was established in 2004, which has become one of the most efficient services provide that generates its facilities worldwide to domains of more than 2,000,000. Now, why should you purchase the Siteground Web Hosting? If this is the first question in your mind, then below is the list, which will justify your thoughts and queries.

Often it becomes essential for the companies to own Web Hosting that can provide a customized setup, especially handling large organizations that can make their jobs easier. It can also control the small stream business work through its customized services.


Siteground Web Hosting has prioritized to observe the optimized hosting, including the entire basic to top architecture. Now this optimization of the structure and architecture will help in the consistent speed and top performance of the hosting.


Secured Web Hosting of site ground has been possible through their in the house working on developing customized software. This will enable us to provide security with the input of Artificial intelligence, maintaining protection for the entire website activities, resisting hacking of website contents, and hampering the traffics or visitors.

Customer support

Any time customer support 24×7 is available for the Web Hosting, so if any problem regarding handling the website or broken pages. The customer supporting team is available to guide with technical supports; their assistance can enable them to work and operate the Web Hosting efficiently.


While comparing to other Web Hosting services, the Siteground Web Hosting has provided the best services at affordable prices. All plans covered by the users will be provided with the first high-quality service for both large organizations and small businesses.

The Siteground Web Hosting review of 2020 has shown an increase in services for the increased number of users worldwide.

What do you know about Siteground hosting pricing and services?

Users and customers are finding hosting services reliable, and you will already find high ratings of the purchase and use of the hosting services. So, for those who are wondering about the prices, if it can provide the best-optimized website, the Siteground reviews of Web Hosting can suggest about the top-rated offers and services are given by the company. Website builder experts work on the websites so that the customers find quality and useful site with the paid amount for the plans.

Let us find the hosting prices in the review 2020:

Shared hosting prices

Siteground Web Hosting Review with price and plans

Cheapest hosting plans with three plans of Web Hosting, the start-up plan ranges from 3.95$ per month to 11.95$ per month approx, with the discounts and special offers the start range will enable you to save a high amount of money.

Three of the Web Hosting plans are Startup, GrowBig, and GoGeek, with different and useful vital features.

Cloud hosting prices

Offers for the cloud hosting are available, ensuring low prices and discounts; Siteground offers attractive rates for four plans of cloud hosting. Preferences to custom and creating own policies are possible so that you can set plans with Entry plans of 80$ price per month, business plans cost 120$ per month, business plus of 160$ per month, and the superior is the Superpower that costs 240$ per month approximately.

Dedicated hosting prices

Three plans are available that can be purchased at affordable prices, and its entry server begins from the price range of 269$ per month, power server that has the amount of 349$, and the superpower server that costs 729$. While in the beginning, you can purchase the start-up and then upgrade as you find visitors increasing towards your website.

WordPress hosting prices

Three plans are a start-up that starts from $3.95 per month, an upgraded version of GrowBig that is 5.95$ to the advanced WordPress hosting price is 11.95$. The working features for WordPress hosting work similar to the shared hosting, which is available when purchased for the first time.

Enterprise hosting prices

No specific prices are calculated or fixed as it is customized based on the requirement of the customers. The plans are set on quoted prices based on the kind of critical features Web Hosting selected.

Reseller hosting is also priced as we see in the Siteground Web Hosting review, in which it is essential to mention the four credits that cost $49, on bulks credit brought the prices reduces.

Find Siteground Web Hosting plans.

Siteground Web Hosting plans have different ranges starting from the shared hosting plans to the dedicated till resellers plans. Prices varied from the start-up to the upgraded plans with general key features to growth key features that can enable to develop websites progressively.

Develop the website with the fast loading pages as one of the key features of Web Hosting. Siteground Web Hosting plans with the renewable energy match that enables the re-use of 100 percent energy. Web Hosting plans that are separated into three sections with key features, plans of Web Hosting plans are:

Hosting can be added to one website
Traffic or visitors with a limit of 10,000
Backup daily, Free SSL

Grow Big
Purchasing this plan will enable you to add unlimited websites.
Free SSL, professional help for site transfer.
Webspace of 20 GB.

Go Geek
Unlimited websites.
30 GB of web space provided.
The highest tier of resources

Staging and Git
Other hosting plans are WordPress hosting, woo-commerce hosting, and cloud hosting plans that can be used based on the type of business.

Web Hosting reviews of Siteground 2020 finds that the start-up plan is best for the newbies, who want a fast website with the proper flow of traffic.You can slowly upgrade the plans according to the requirement and development of the website.

With the upgrading of programs, sites can be added along with unmetered bandwidth, fast and high performing.

Siteground VPS hosting, cloud hosting review

If you are searching for the Siteground hosting review of VPS hosting, the users have increased in 2020 due to the efficient performances. It is best for the customers who want a medium category of website storage and RAM size. VPS is not a cloud server with its tools and operating systems. Users can work according to the requirement with the features of backup files so that if the hard-drive issues occur, then it can be accessed from another hard drive.

When you want to upgrade part of the VPS hosting, then cloud hosting can be readily chosen for your website. Cloud hosting is majorly used for multiple sites to stored the website files. And various resources can be pulled in from different sections, users can use hosting depending on the requirement, based on the increase and decrease of traffics one can purchase the cloud hosting plan.

Siteground cloud hosting has been among the top competent, providing the best service for the users. The cloud hosting plans ranges from the Entry plan of $ 80 per month to Business plan with the optimized cloud experience, 60 GB SSD space of price $ 120 per month, and the third plan is the business plus of price $ 160 per month with storage 80 GB SSD space. Cloud hosting allows increasing the CPU and RAM anytime if the requirement is for the users.

Most secure WordPress hosting

Let us find the review for WordPress hosting. It is observed that most of the users prefer the WordPress hosting of Siteground; this is due to the high performance and protective security of the websites. The main key features that make the preferable hosting websites are:

PHP 7 version is used for the servers that maintain the latest security and fixing all kinds of hacks or malware. To block the malicious bots and keep an eye on the hackers or attackers, also prevent as well as find out the problems. Solve the issues accordingly, removing the problems.

The Siteground WordPress hosting follows strict policies, so that when the trustworthy or authenticate users can access the data and most important of all the accesses the team or company maintains data records. Popular applications and modules always require strong monitoring; therefore, in the form of the WAF rules, virtual patches are configured to stop any kind of vulnerable acts.

The latest security patches are updated for the database services for FTP, SMTP, IMAP/POP3, HTTP, HTTPS. Therefore apart from the top security services, WordPress hosting provides upgraded plugins for WordPress and also easy to use and handle the tools of the website. WordPress hosting is best for maintaining and handling for all kinds of users, professional or unprofessional.

Pros and Cons of Siteground Web Hosting

Pros and cons are one of the major parts of any product or service so we focus on this. Read the pros and cons of the Siteground web hosting review.


  • Time To First Byte (TTFB) is the main feature of the Siteground that shows the performance of the website. The faster way they use to send the first byte to respond to the request of the users. A way to immediately test respond to the website performance issues.
  • Unlimited email account and databases are other features; you can access through the dashboard of Siteground for the files and tools. Automatic backups regularly help you to maintain the databases and email accounts.
  • You have instant help support and 24×7 customer support that you have to choose depending on the complication. If you think you can do self help it is easy with the earlier or else take the live help from the customer support.


  • Plans according to the pricing of the shared hosting plans do not differ much from other competitive hosting plans, as the start-up plan has the feature of adding one single domain, while the limited disk space for all the plans.
  • Difficult for self-development of the websites by the users, and you will need a professional to work on the website design, unlike Bluehost or Hostgator.

Siteground has proven best in its performances with unmetered traffic and speed. Free domains are available for a few packages, along with the management panels, DNS services, and other technical support that makes it easier for the users to work independently.

In the Siteground Web Hosting review, it is essential to mentions the features; it provides unlimited email accounts along with the purchased accounts. Easy tools of Web Hosting are present for fast production of contents, and the easy Git integration helps in developing the free flow of the servers.

Customer support Siteground provides through multiple help channels, for solving problems and live assistance. We strongly recommend you to do proper research on other web hosting services before you buy. You can read a comprehensive review of blue host and kinsta hosting reviews.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is Site Ground good?

The speed, reliability, and customer support make Site Ground a good web host. The speed offered by Site Ground is higher faster compared to some popular international hosting providers. With a flexible hosting plan and the best support team, Site Ground is basically one of the best hosting providers.

Is Site Ground secure?

The sophisticated IDS/IPS system which prevents attackers and malicious bots along with the Mod Security function makes Site Ground a secure platform.

Is Site Ground PCI compliant?

PCI compliant hosting providers offer a dedicated e-commerce solution. Businesses that accept various payment cards need to be compliant with the PCI security standards. Site Ground PCI is compliant which states that it follows all the standard of PCI security.

Is Site Ground recommended for WordPress?

There are multiple WordPress websites that are hosted by Site Ground. Hence, Site Ground is highly suggested for WordPress.

How much does Site Ground cost?

With Site Ground, StartUp pack and GoGeek pack are highly popular and have a different cost. In StartUp, the rates mostly vary from $3 to $12 per month. While for the GoGeek pack, the rates start from $11 per month to $35 per month.

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