Kinsta vs Wp engine: Which Offers the Best Service

Are you interested to know about kinsta Vs wp engine? Here is the comprehensive article on kinsta and wp engine with comparision and pricing plan.

Kinsta vs Wp engine

In 2020, we are in a timeframe where website speed is the most determining measure for SEO and rankings. Search engines (mainly Google) will not send millions of traffic to your site if it loads slower than the other with the same information.

Now, we are talking about a much higher level of sites and not just the very basic websites where traffic is less.

Of course, when you start getting huge traffic and your budget is a bit high, then only you’ll look for hostings such as Kinsta or WPEngine- as both of them are costly.

Here I’ll be presenting to you a detailed comparison between the two best-managed WordPress hosts in the world, Kinsta and WPEngine.

It will be a Kinsta vs WPEngine discussion in detail where we will talk about the site speed, page loading speed, features, pricing, technical support, pros and cons, and much more.

If your site has started getting huge traffic, and you are planning to invest well to increase the site speed, security, user experience- then you are reading the correct article.

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Having a high budget and looking to rank your website on top? Then stick to Kinsta vs WPEngine discussion.

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Kinsta vs WP Engine Speed (with Practical Experiment)

When you visit WPEngine’s official website they say they are the fastest and they are the best. Again when you visit Kinsta’s official website they claim that they are better than anyone else!

It’s quite confusing for normal users like us. Who to rely upon? Even you will get mixed reviews when you do online research or ask a few known people.

So I was in a situation where I was so confused and finally decided to run practical tests on both by building dummy sites using each hosting and checking their performance with speed.

I took two custom domains with .com extension, with no SSL certificate integrated with them.

I chose the server location the same for both the websites. The location was Singapore. Then connected my domains with the hostings I purchased and installed very basic WordPress themes on each of them.

I wrote one article for each of them of 1500 words and attached 5 compressed images of around 100 kb each.

I published both the articles from both the sites and went to to check with the speed. To my surprise, I found Kinsta is much more ahead of WPEngine when it is compared to the website loading speed!

It takes around 80 milliseconds to load a website with Kinsta hosting. Whereas, WPEngine takes around 95 milliseconds to load a site. So the difference is 15 milliseconds, which is not negligible.

I was happy that my query was answered by the tools through this practical review of Kinsta vs WPEngine.

Also, I would like to mention one thing that I found the reason behind such difference in site loading speed between the two managed WordPress hosting giants.

I observed that when Kinsta loads a web page, it actually reduces the page size by compressing it to 635 kb. While WPEngine compresses it till 638 kb. And due to this difference in page size, the site loads much faster with Kinsta hosting.

How Does Kinsta Provide Such Speed?

Kinsta has only 80 employees around the world. Whereas WPEngine has more than a thousand employees.

In spite of having so less number of employees, how they can provide such services with such high quality- it is really astonishing!

It’s due to an excellent technical environment that Kinsta has created, their managed WordPress hosting relies upon Google cloud, which is technically the best in terms of speed, usability, functionalities, and user-friendliness. One more thing is that- instead of catering to every single individual or small startups, Kinsta targets only established websites and businesses.

This way, they need to focus on fewer clients and provide only premium packages with the best quality. So those who can afford to pay the highest and get the best quality managed WordPress hosting services, can surely opt for Kinsta.

WPEngine is nonetheless- I would say that they are the second-best, just after Kinsta when we compare managed WP hosts. The bottom line is, Kinsta wins the battle in our first Kinsta vs WPEngine comparison, which is SITE SPEED.

Price Comparison of Kinsta and WP Engine

The table below will give you a brief idea and comparison between Kinsta hosting plans & packages. To know each and every plan in detail-please visit the link Kinsta Hosting Plans.

Plans  WP InstallationsTraffic / Month Disk Space SSL Certificate
   $30/Month Starter PlanOnly 1 Installation20,00010 GBSSL & CDN available
   $60/Month PRO Plan2 WP installations40,00020 GBSSL & CDN available
  $100/Month Business Plan 1      5 WP Installations100,00030 GBSSL & CDN available
   $200/Month Business Plan 2     10 WP Installations250,00040 GBSSL & CDN available
   $300/Month Business Plan 3    20 WP Installations400,00050 GBSSL & CDN available
   $400/Month  Business Plan 4   40  WP Installations600,00060 GBSSL & CDN available
   $600/Month Enterprise Plan 1       60  WP Installations   1000,000100 GBSSL & CDN available  
   $900/Month  Enterprise Plan 2           80  WP Installations  1,500,000150 GBSSL & CDN available  
  $1200/Month Enterprise Plan 3          120  WP Installations  2,000,000200 GBSSL & CDN available  
  $1500/Month Enterprise Plan 4         150  WP Installations  3,000,000250 GBSSL & CDN available  

As you can see from the table that the basic starter plan starts at $30/month with no compromise in quality. This plan is suitable for small businesses and startups.

If you are an entrepreneur, and from the initial stages of your startup you want to use the premium hosting services, then you can opt for this plan. But I would suggest you go for hosting plans for small businesses which will be more profitable for you. 

Good News:

You can try the world’s best hosting service for free for 1 month! Yes, Kinsta offers a “30-days moneyback guarantee” for all their premium hosting plans.

WP Engine Hosting Plans

The table below will give you a brief idea about WP Engine hosting plans and their pricing. To know about each plan in detail, please visit the official pricing page of WP Engine.

WP Engine Pricing & Plans

WP Engine Hosting Plans
WP Engine Hosting Pricing and Plans

It is clearly visible from the two tables above that when you compare the pricing between the business plan of Kinsta and WP Engine, you’ll find that they both are very similar to each other! No wonder, they offer similar features with similar plans.

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There always will be conflicts between quality and pricing comparison. Until you yourself use these hosting services, it is hard to understand which one is more suitable for you, it’s because everyone has their own choices, priorities, requirements, and goals. Especially, online businesses are built upon the idea of innovative thoughts and strategies.

There is no fixed strategy or environment in the online world, things are changing drastically every now and then. So be technically updated and upgraded, be informative, and continue the learning and implementing process.

Let me know in the comments section if you like this Kinsta vs WP Engine review and if you need any assistance or information related to web hosting. I’ll share my best experiences with you.

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