In-depth Kinsta Hosting Review and Analysis in 2020

Kinsta Hosting Review: Looking to host your website on free platforms?
Yes, of course- you can do that when your website or blog is just in the initial phases.
But as soon as you start driving traffic- free hosting just crashes every time! And when you go viral?

Well, there are very few chances that you go viral with free hosting because as soon as you start driving traffic to your website, the website becomes slower and you know that the search engines don’t like to rank the slower sites on the web.

As a result, instead of starting ranking higher and driving more traffic, your blog starts ranking backward! And guess what, people start creeping for backlinks, keyword stuffing, and other black hat SEO stuff.

So, why not do it perfectly from the beginning itself? When you are a very beginner and don’t know stuff on how to build a blog or website, and a zero idea on how to host a website.

How to link the website domain with hosting, as a trial/learning process, you can surely try a free hosting such as Google Blogger, Google site,, etc.

But, when you are just ready to give it a shot and all ready to start your dream blog or a professional website- go for a powerful pro hosting plan such as Kinsta Hosting.

I have been using Kinsta web hosting for around four years from now, and since then I have never faced any small issues related to traffic handling, speed, or web security staff.

I am here to provide you a thorough Kinsta hosting review which I feel will be a great help for you, if you are blogging for the past few years and still struggling to get the initial break, getting traffic to your blog.

If you are an entrepreneur and looking to fetch more targeted customers, you can too stick around with the Kinsta web hosting review by a satisfied Kinsta user.

Back then, when I subscribed to Kinsta hosting plans, they never had any affiliate programs. But as the company grew up with lots of advanced features, they have introduced huge offers to their users, and their great affiliate program is surely one of them.

Even an affiliate gets paid through Kinsta if anyone does a sign-up through an affiliate link! While the commission keeps getting added with every plan subscription by the user for a lifetime. So, Kinsta helps in creating a passive income for their affiliates too. As a bonus, I, as a Kinsta affiliate partner, will provide you with a Kinsta affiliate review at the end.

Let’s dig-into Kinsta web hosting services and I’ll show you why I prefer Kinsta the most, even after struggling hard with most of the other famous web hosting services.

What is Kinsta?

Kinsta Hosting Review

Kinsta is a highly advanced web hosting service provider that hosts your website on the cloud. They provide a fully managed WordPress hosting and the best part is your website gets hosted on the same platform where the Google servers get hosted, they use the Google Cloud Hosting platform to host your website. So you get why I said earlier that the Kinsta cloud is the best hosting available in the present days.

Kinsta Web Hosting Features

What Facilities Do Kinsta Web Hosting Offer?

While doing Kinsta hosting review, I would like to draw certain advantages of Kinsta web hosting plans which definitely a measure to consider Kinsta Cloud Hosting over other hosting providers

Kinsta Cloud Web Hosting Provides Peace of Mind

Kinsta understands one thing very well, that when the users are happy, even they make the site owners happy. So you will receive 100% uptime always, throughout the year, 365×24 hours, irrespective of the traffic load-the site will never crash. In case of any bandwidth issues, the Kinsta cloud is equipped with artificial intelligence technologies that extend your site’s bandwidth as per the demand (of course, they will charge you extra for the bandwidth addition, later). But what you get is, uninterrupted web hosting services, and I guess that’s what you are looking for.

Kinsta Fully Managed WordPress Hosting Provides 24/7 Technical Assistance

The Kinsta Web Hosting Team has expert WordPress developers and analysts to support the technical queries, they have a 24/7 pro-active customer support team to enhance the usability to the Kinsta consumers. No matter what the issue is, you will get expert guidance right at the moment, that will solve the issue instantly. I will give a 5-star Kinsta hosting review when it comes to the technical support assistance. It’s like they take away all the technical confusions from the consumer, while you concentrate on running your business, focus more on improving the credibilities of your business.

User-Friendly Yet Powerful Web Hosting by Kinsta Cloud

A great blend of user-friendliness and pro features are the specialties of Kinsta WordPress Cloud Hosting. Every consumer is not a pro-tech guy, that is the reason they have a very simple dashboard with one-click WordPress installation set-up, while for the pro users they provide with the advanced features to set-up their website. You can choose the one that suits you the best.

Kinsta Hosting Plans  and Pricing

Kinsta hostinge reveiw

While providing you with a detailed Kinsta hosting review, I would also like to cover all the current and existing hosting plans of Kinsta, to give you a better idea of each plan.

Currently, Kinsta has ten different monthly plans starting from the very basic plans for the start-ups at $30 per month till pro plans at $1500 per month.

Kinsta Cloud Hosting review

Offer:  For each plan, there is a “30-days money-back guarantee” available which you can encash and have a free trial for a month.

Want to Purchase one of them? Or want to have a trial of Kinsta Cloud Hosting for a month? then I would be happy if you could sign-up through my Kinsta affiliate link.

Note:  There’s a discount available for each membership plan, when you subscribe to the plan for at least one year, instead of paying monthly.

And if you think that this review has helped you in knowing about Kinsta hosting and their useful features (read more hosting reviews), then I would be happy if you could sign-up through my Kinsta affiliate link and then go for a trial or purchase their service. So that it helps me earn commissions through your successful sign-up and purchase.

WordPress Events Plug-ins Giveaway with Kinsta Web Hosting Subscription  

Looking to manage daily events or some big events that are going to take place? Don’t worry take the help of the 15 free event plug-ins by Kinsta fully managed WordPress Hosting. With the help of these essential WordPress event plug-ins, you can easily manage events and track them successfully on a day-to-day basis.

Recently, Kinsta has published an article about Intuit and Kinsta, where they have depicted the fact that Intuit has more than 42 million users over 4 continents, and despite having such enormous traffic, they did not go for a dedicated hosting server-instead they chose Kinsta Cloud Hosting.

To read more about that article click here Why Intuit Chose Kinsta CloudI feel, apart from my recommendations, this article will give you some positive Kinsta hosting review.

Cons of Kinsta Hosting

The Kinsta hosting review won’t get completed without discussing the cons. So let’s talk about them, which are the non-perfect things about Kinsta (according to me)

You Need a Separate Hosting for Business EMails

Unlike the other hosting providers, Kinsta doesn’t offer business email integration with the website/domain itself. You need to purchase a separate business email pack hosted on a different server. Kinsta says that they are not ready for the email set-up at this moment, and you can go for some other third-party business email provider for the same.

There is No Telephonic Customer Support at Kinsta

This is one big drawback according to me as Kinsta doesn’t offer any telephonic customer care support for its customers. Instead, you can raise a ticket in case of any issues, and that gets shared every time with an executive you deal with. It actually saves everyone’s time as each time you talk to a different executive you don’t need to explain the entire story from the beginning. But all customers are not the same, some people prefer talking over the phone and explain their issues till it gets resolved.  

Pricing is High as Compared to the Other Hosting Providers

Kinsta hosting plans are not at all cheap, you get a discount on yearly subscription though. But people with very less budget cannot afford Kinsta fully managed cloud hosting.

My Recommendation

I am already a satisfied Kinsta hosting user. So I would definitely recommend Kinsta to everyone. Guys, increase your budget a bit and go for Kinsta without any hesitation- I can assure you that you won’t repent later.

Till then, if you currently have a less budget structure, check out some more useful web hosting services. I personally have been using them for my other websites. Check them out and read my reviews about those hosting providers, and then finally decide the best one for you. I would also recommend you to talk to each of the hosting providers directly and get to know about all their features, pricing, etc. and then go for the final deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kinsta?

Kinsta is a premier WordPress hosting provider that offers cloud-based hosting services. With Kinsta, your site will run on the same infrastructure as Google.

Do Kinsta offer free-trials?

At the present time, Kinsta is not offering free-trials.

What is the cost of the Kinsta service?

The cost of services offered by Kinsta ranges from $30 to $1,500. It offers services such as 150 WordPress installs, 3 million traffic handling, 250 GB SSD storage, and a lot more. You also get a 30 days money back option which allows you to stay with Kinsta only if you found it reliable

Does Kinsta offer a money-back guarantee?

If you cancel your subscription within 30 days, then you will get back all your money.

Does Kinsta offer an affiliate program?

Yes, Kinsta does offer affiliate programs. Kinsta offers a good amount of commission as well.

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