Dreamhost Review One Of The Cost-Effective Hosting Provider

Are you still working hard to find the correct solution for the web hosting services but reaching anywhere?   

Reading the reviews is the best way to cut down the time that you are going to invest in finding out more about the Web Hosting Company like Dreamhost. I will provide an in-depth Dreamhost review in this article so keep reading. You may have already read many other reviews of Dreamhost, but today we are going to unfold every single detail that you may not have seen anywhere else in one place.

Dreamhost is counted among the reputable web hosting companies. It is serving in the industry for more than 25 years and has proud to host more than 1.5 million websites. The performance of this company is outstanding, and it can manage excellent uptime, which is 99.94 percent. The next good thing is its good page speed, and that is 648 ms.

What is Dreamhost? 

Dream Host Review

Before we proceed further with the reviews of the several services offered by the company, it is most important to know what is Dreamhost. Headquarter of this company is based in Los Angeles, USA.

The company is a pioneer name in the web hosting services and cloud computing. It is offering the main services of the web and cloud-related. The company was founded in 1996.

Sage Weil is said to be the founder of Dreamhost, and at present, it is severing services in the entire world. www.dreamhost.com is the official website of this company. 

Dreamhost Review of VPS Server

No doubt, in recent years, the trend of using the VPS has increased in several folds because of many reasons. The first reason to use the VPS is a good security system. It can provide good protection against the hijackers.

The next reason is the low cost. There is a very low price available for the VPS server. Only the shared hosting can be cheaper than this option. Many companies are engaged to provide VPS services. You must look at this Dreamhost VPS review to get good about investing your hard-earned money. 

dream host review in details

Excellent speed

In the ranking of the websites, speed is considered as the most important factor.

Dreamhost is providing consistent performance when it comes to delivering the services at high speed. A detailed analysis shows the fact that dreams host has a speed of 648 MS as an average in the past 24 months.

We have tested many hosts to check the speed and found the fact that there is no comparison with the Dreamhost in the matter of speed.

High uptime 

The next advantage of having the Dreamhost has a web host is its uptime. It is more important to mention here that uptime plays a major role in the ranking and popularity of the website.

Users must find the website 24 x 7 online.

Downtime of the website can ruin its reputation. In the term of the services, they put to keep the uptime hundred percent.

It is also seen the fact that throughout the year their average uptime is 99.94 percent. 

Trial period or money-back guarantee 

We have analyzed the services of many other hosts and found the fact that the money-back guarantees period is nearly 30 days. You will hardly find any web host offering more days in this context. But you can talk about the money-back guarantee period of Dreamhost. 

The period of returning the money is nearly 97 days. This means that you will be getting ample time to test the services of the hosting. You can get your money back in case you are not satisfied with them. This is a kind of a big challenge that you will hardly find anywhere else. 

It is better to explore the details of the money-back guarantee in advance to avoid any sort of surprises later. Credit card payments are the only subjects to this scheme, and the amount of additional paid services is not refunded. In some reviews of Dreamhost, this information is hardly available. But we have kept everything transparent for you.

Good package of the basic plan

The basic plan of the Dreamhost is starting from just $2.59, and this means that you can start with it. This plan is also suitable for individuals who are not willing to put a good amount at present. They can take the services and experience. 

Most of the services are included in the basic plan. It is a complete package, and one can find it quite suitable for website hosting. Users can expect to have one free domain with an additional SSL certificate. Also, you can handle unlimited traffic and storage. One website builder is also provided with it.

This means that you can start working with them without any delay. Additionally, you will also be getting access to security software like Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix. Dreamhost is also providing WordPress installation. This means that you can install WordPress with their dynamic interface. They have a one-click WordPress solution. The users can start immediately without any complications, and this is a time-saving method. 

Dreamhost is also providing WordPress installation. This means that you can install WordPress with their dynamic interface. They have a one-click WordPress solution. The users can start immediately without any complications, and this is a time-saving method.

VPS unlimited bandwidth

Dreamhost has a higher speed regularly because of SSD-powered hardware is used. The next thing is providing VPS unlimited bandwidth that users can enjoy. The custom control panel is provided. This control panel is highly beneficial and makes it easy to handle various daily operations.

You will find the fact that most of the features are provided without putting any limit on them. Reviews of Dreamhost can be said to be complete without the details of VPS and bandwidth.

Dreamhost managed WordPress/Dreampress

You should know the fact that this is the best way of providing speedy WordPress hosting. Now you must be wondering behind the reason to prefer Dreamhost managed WordPress/Dreampress. There are numerous benefits to it. Users can expect to have more speed, traffic handling, and bandwidth and storage capacity. Dreamhost can provide all this in a complete package. This means that you are going to have a complete solution for everything. 

Dreamhost managed WordPress/Dreampress is better than any other plan in many ways. You can expect many additional benefits here in this plan with excellent performance. The users can expect to have automatic updates, SSD Storage, and SSL certificate. Malware scans are also a part of it for better security. 

After setting put the basics, you can also have the luxury to excess several advanced themes and designing tools with it. You should never forget the fact that real struggle starts just after completing the basic process. You will have to design, develop, and launch your website after it. Dreamhost managed WordPress/Dreampress comes with the additional tools are other things that you are really helpful for every user. 

Dreamhost pricing plans 

dream host review pricing plans

Pricing for managed WordPress hosting


Dreamhost pricing plans are nice and affordable. The best part is that most of the essential services are included in them. They are coming with great flexibility, and you can start from a monthly plan to yearly plans as well. As far as managed WordPress hosting is concerned, it is coming with three plans basic, plus and pro. To have the special discounts on the pricing one must choose the yearly plans. 

One must always remember the fact that renewal is not free, and the same price structure is followed for the renewal of the services. Some add-on services are available without additional charges in all the three packages like daily backups, SSL certificates, unmetered bandwidth. 

Pricing for Dreamhost VPS hosting 

 Dreamhost VPS hosting is available with four pricing plans viz. basic, business, enterprise, and professional. In the one year plan users can start with the basic plan, which is costing $13.75 per month and go up to the most expensive professional plan with $110 per month. One can expect to have a great saving with these plans. 

VPS hosting at Dreamhost is also available in monthly plans. The basic plan starts at $15 per month. Many additional services are offered with both yearly and monthly plans. The users can expect to have unlimited handle unlimited traffic, host unlimited websites with a free SSL certificate. One additional benefit is the availability of unlimited emails. The Ram space and SSD storage starts from 30GB with a basic plan and upgraded as per the choice of plan.

Package details and features 

Always remember to check the services that are coming free with the package. For example, managed WordPress comes with a fast speed promise of 441 ms and reliable uptime of nearly 100%. WordPress site migration is provided free of cost, and automatic daily backups are maintained to deal with any unwanted situation. They have a backup with them for at least thirty days which is again great. 


You must have read many other reviews of Dreamhost, but we hope that after reading this complete package wise detail you will be able to make a better decision about the web hosting. You can also consider Dreamhost for VPS or WordPress managed website although every aspect is better for a person and may not be useful for the other one. But you can compare these details and choose the most suitable web hosting plan for you. 

Frequenty Asked Questions

How to get a free domain with Dreamhost?

You should know the fact that Dreamhost has flexible packages and you have to go for the long term plans to gain maximum benefits, including the free domain. The user should go for one year or three hosting plans to have this benefit. 

What is the pricing for the renewal?

In some web hosting renewal, charges are higher, but here you can have the benefits of the same pricing structure. Yes, in most of the plans, the same pricing structure is followed for the renewal of the services.

What is the refund policy?

You should check with the official website and make the payment exactly according to their norms. The refund policy can also depend on the plan, and one should make payment mode which is eligible to get a refund. But the add-on service amount is not refundable.

How is the support system of Dreamhost?

The support system of the Dreamhost is really superb. You can connect with the support team at any point in time.

What are the hosting plans offered by Dreamhost?

The different hosting plans offered by Dreamhost are shared, dream press, VPS, and dedicated.

What is Dreamhost happy hosting?

The shared hosting plan is known as happy hosting.

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