Best Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders

Drag and Drop WordPress Page

WordPress is the most popular and the most used to develop website contents, the Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders has made the customization of the website easy and faster. In less time you can find your website running live.

How to build a website from WordPress?

Building a website from WordPress is easy, no matter if you are a newbie or an experienced. In both cases, the themes of website in-build help in developing an attractive site with different publishing tools.

To start a website using WordPress, it is important to open the hosting web website.


  • Select a unique domain name for your site.
  • Find out the web hosting and sign-up for web hosting
  • Purchase the plans from the web hosting
  • After purchasing the web hosting plan install the WordPress
  • After open, the hosting dashboard pick the free WordPress theme
  • Install the WordPress plugins necessary for site growth
  • Start creating blogs and content for your websites.

Website Builder vs WordPress Comparison 2020

WordPress is CMS while the website builder is required to build creative website designs; both are different from each other. WordPress can be used to develop content and blogging purposes with the inbuilt themes of WordPress. The Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders enables to complete developing website in simple steps such as:

Features of the drag and drop WordPress plugin are different compared to one from another, and each builder is unique. Considering the compatibility each varies and so it becomes important to understand that the WordPress theme is compatible with the builder.

Website builders should be responsive that supports both android and iOS phones apart from desktops, including website SEO optimized. WordPress plugins help in determining the best SEO optimized themes. Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders, top in WordPress buildings are:

  • Divi
  • Elementor
  • Themify

When you want to customize your WordPress website theme, the top WordPress builders can provide the best theme with customizing options. WordPress can edit the themes according to the requirements. Another important part of WordPress as a host you can transfer or export the website, but a website builder cannot do it.

Sitepad website builder vs WordPress

Sitepad website builder is one of the Drag and Drop WordPress Page Buildersthat helps in the fast-developing of the website through the easy and simple process of drag and drop. But in the case of WordPress, you have to work and study the theme and edit that takes a longer time. It can be best for all kinds of categories, businesses, restaurants, travels for all platforms supporting phones and desktops.

Free WordPress Page Builder

Apart from the easy Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders, plugins of the free WordPress page builder are available that make the editing of the website fast and less complicated. All you need to download the plugin, activate it and customize according to the requirement, write your content and then publish.

Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builder plugins are used by the WordPress CMS platform and the drag and drop WordPress website builders’ process is also used for unique and boosting SEO optimized websites for large business websites.

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