Difference Between Domain and Hosting

Difference between domain and hosting

To start a blog you must have two things one is domain and another is hosting. but keep in mind these are not the same In this article I will discuss the difference between domain and hosting in detail.

Small technical terms that are frequently used, often misunderstood. But it is better to have a clear understanding to have many options available for you. For example, hosting and domain name are two different terms. 

Similarly, many other terms that we are going to discuss, like web hosting and domain registration. Now you must be wondering need to read about terms that often confused or misunderstood. Well, it is important to know about these terms to reduce the cost and get more package offers for the service providers. 

What is the difference between domain and hosting?

Are you looking difference between domain and hosting first? Let’s start exploring these two terms. These two terms are used together because both are essential to launching a new website. But most of the time, people get confused and think that both are one thing. 

What is a domain?

You should understand the fact that we are talking about the terminology of services and in this context domain stands for the address of a particular website. To reach the website users have to type this address in the URL bar. For example, you must type www.hostingspan.com to reach this site and explore the subject matter.

You can divide the domain name into majorly two parts that are separated by a dot. The first part of the domain name belongs to the brand name, and the second part belongs to the extension of the domain like .com in the given example.

It is most important to understand the fact that there cannot be two domain names with the same address. The domain names must be unique. This removes the chances of going to another website. Now you must be wondering how the uniqueness of the domain is maintained.

You should know the fact that domains are registered with a particular company or registrar. They have the records for every domain that is being sold or live in the market. It is not issued to any other party for the second time with the same address. 

There are no chances that one domain name is carrying two different websites. The domain seller or service providers have a particular system to maintain in this regard. According to this procedure, the particular certificate is provided. 
You can buy a domain from many online platforms like GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc.

The concept of web hosting different from the domain

Web hosting must not be misunderstood as a domain. The domain is just an address of a particular website, whereas the web hosting stands for the storage location. Websites have some pages and files to be stored. Web hosting decides where all the data on the website will be stored. Now you can understand the difference between hosting and domain. Let us make it more clear for you. 

In simple words, you should understand the fact that the domain is just like the address of your house, and web hosting is the actual location of your house. For a website domain name work like an address and web hosting provide space to store the data of the website where the visitor will reach to explore the material. 

Different Types of web hosting

You should know the fact that there can be many types of web hosting and hosting can be divided separately as per the needs of the user. You can say that generally web hosting can be divided there into six best types in the modern context. 

  • Shared hosting VPS hosting or virtual private server hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Cloud hosting

These are very common types of web hosting that are popular at present. But in recent times two more types are also getting popular in this context. 

  • Reseller hosting and 
  • WordPress hosting

Difference between web hosting and domain registration

Domain registration process: In this process, you should select the unique domain available. Yes, registrar websites will let you know about the unique and available domain names. After this process, you are supposed to submit your domain name entry to the registrar. 

Registration of domain

At the time of registration of domain name, you will be asked to provide some basic contact details. This contact detail may include email address, address, and phone details. The company will be using these particular details for the registration and billing process. 

In the next step, they are going to tell you about the terms of the domain and other details like payment method. After this process, the company will be sending all the necessary details to the master server.

Entire information will be uploaded, and after the completion of this process, your domain will be active and ready to use.

Starting process of Web hosting 

There is a great difference between Web hosting and domain registration. The process of web hosting starts right after acquiring the domain name. After you are done with the domain, you should find a suitable web hosting provider.
They are going to give you enough space to store your data. Besides, you will also be getting additional services and tools to maintain the website in the right manner. 


Let me quickly summarize this article in a few words. So you can get the difference between domain and hosting. The domain is nothing but the name of your website. And hosting is the area or kind of storage device that is also known as a server. The use of hosting is to store your website files like articles, images, gifs, or text data.

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