Bluehost vs SiteGround: Which’s the best?

Bluehost vs SiteGround: Which one you should Buy?

Bluehost vs SiteGround

Choosing the correct hosting is never free from worries because the right kind of hosting can bring the website on the top, and a single mistake can ruin the entire situation. Intense research work is required to know which company is doing better. We have taken this pain for you and done the details study of Bluehost vs SiteGround. Through this comparison, you will be able to get a generous idea about the level of expertise of both the company on different levels. This will save you precious time, and you can make a better decision in regards to taking the various services offered.

Industry legends

One magnificent fact about both companies is that they are doing far better than others and pioneer in the industry. Millions of users are given preference to both of them. 

Due to their unique features and good qualities, millions of blogs and websites are registered on them with contented customers. Even you can also check about the opinion of several customers on the reliable sources available. 

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What values you must look for a better comparison?

When studying Bluehost vs SiteGround, it is necessary to find out about the value which should be taken care of in this context. Considering this, we have gone through the results of a huge survey. You will be glad to know the fact that there are some particular values which people prefer to have in the hosting company.

We are going to discuss the difference in both the companies based on these values to have a good idea. You should know the fact that more than fifty thousand people were included in a survey which has given results about these values. 

  • Support and price
  • Customer care services and speed
  • Ease of use and reliability 
  • Uptime and free services
  • Security 

We have tried to include every single factor in the study of Bluehost hosting and Siteground hosting. But some users may give more preferences to a completely different value. So this study is just to give a good idea based on a survey. For example, some users can give preference to support, and others may prefer the price. This means that users must look into the factors in detail on which the study is done and choose the hosting company wisely based on the factors.

Recent changes in the Siteground hosting

As per the recent news of February 2020, Siteground made a big change in its infrastructure. It transferred the entire infra to google cloud platform. This means that now the reliability of this company has increased in several folds. It is so because the company is sharing servers with big service providers like YouTube, Gmail, and Google as well. Websites that are hosted on the Siteground now can expect to have more speed and higher uptime. 

There is hardly any aspect of human life that is not being impacted by the COVID-19. This even has put significant changes in the various values of both the service provider’s (Bluehost hosting and SiteGround hosting). 

The server location of Bluehost and SiteGround

bluehost vs siteground

Now you must be thinking about the need of discussing the server locations of both companies. The server location does matter when it comes to speed and search engine optimization of a website. It is good to know the info that the Server location of Bluehost and SiteGround. Servers of the Bluehost are located in Provo, Utah. On the other hand, Siteground has established its servers in Chicago, USA, and London, UK. 

Which is best-hosting provider Bluehost or SiteGround?

Siteground has more infrastructures on the world level, and it has more good conditions as compared to any other web hosting company. Recently they have made a positive change and make a huge shift. This has indeed created a great trust in people about the services and reliability of the Siteground hosting. 

Pricing policy

Now you must be thinking that why still Bluehost is popular among a huge number of users. Well, the simple reason is its initial plans that start at a very low cost. Yes, for the new uses that are not willing to invest a huge sum of money in one go, it is a good choice. 

Compare long term vs. short term benefits

People are looking forward to sticking with the company for a long period, find it quite different. This is so when you will compare the services of the company in terms of speed, WordPress managed hosting, and cloud websites with the SiteGround, you will find a great difference. If you still think that which is best-hosting provider Bluehost or SiteGround, make up your mind. Siteground is doing far better than Bluehost in several parameters. 

Uptime and consistency in speed

On the grounds of the speed and uptime, SiteGround has outstanding results that overcome Bluehost. In the modern context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the speed, performance, and uptime of Siteground have increased than Bluehost. 

Security system 

Security is the next thing that you can also take into consideration. Bluehost is using the third party security system to protect the data. On the other hand, SiteGround is known to have the best security system in the industry. Customers who are looking forward to the long term may find that free transfer, setup wizards, and many other features of the company are only good for the newbie. 

Control panel 

The next thing is control panel of the Siteground, which makes is far better than Bluehost. It is providing excellent features that come with many things that an experienced professional can also use. On the other hand, Bluehost is offering customized c-panel, which is good for newcomers. 

Customer care services 

In the last, we can take about customer care services. At the time of emergency or crisis, customer care services are the first thing that you will counter. It can change the whole experience of the services. Even in this matter, SiteGround is provided with outstanding and trustworthy services. On the other hand, Bluehost is offering medium quality customer services. This means that you can give a hundred percent advantage to the SiteGround here as well. 

A unique feature of Siteground 

Siteground has many security layers to protect the file. It also provides an excellent backup package for safety. One interesting thing that makes the Siteground different from others is that it is hosted on Dual Xenon Server at Dallas. This means that flow of information is faster and smoother as compared to any other service provider because both have some great things to offer some use both the companies to process the information.  

Test of speed with competence 

The next factor that must be taken into consideration is the competent working. Websites and bloggers may have to go through several losses when they are running downtime. Therefore preferences must be given a web hosting company that has the least downtime. 

Consistency in Speed 

The next measurement of efficiency is the speed. The fast process of the website makes it indeed more popular among the users. But both Siteground and Bluehost are doing almost the same in the matter of speed. One must use a special tool to measure that accurate speed. 

Use the tool to know the ground reality about speed

There are several tools available online that one can use to check the accurate speed. After going through the results of a famous speed measurement tool, we found that Siteground is faster than BlueHost. If anyone is looking for better speed, he must give preference to the Siteground. In the modern context, you can say that Siteground is performing better than Bluehost in many ways. Uptime optimization and speed are the two major determinates that prove it. 

Use more advanced methods

Bloggers and website owners may have different purpose of web hosting services. But we have discussed every single aspect of Bluehost vs Siteground web hosting for the users, including pricing, plans, add-one services, speed, and performance. However, this is not the end; there are many other aspects that you can open using special and advanced tools like speed measurement tools. This will give figurative data to compare both the services more closely. But to have a general idea without wasting much time and effort this is a complete study one can enjoy. 

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