Bluehost vs Hostgator Comparison 2020

Bluehost vs Hostgator Comparison 2020

Bluehost vs Hostgator Comparison 2020

Bluehost and Hostgator are the leading webs hosting companies, and you may find it hard to choose the best between the two popular hosting companies, and if you want to purchase the services, it becomes important to find the suitable key features that are your priority.

Bluehost or HostGator? Which one is better? The tussle between the hosting companies that are running for years and the servers of both provides the best services.

To find out the best web hosting, let us check the key features of both the companies:


Hosting alternative to Hostgator is Bluehost hosting has shown better security and protection against the malicious attacks on the website. Free SSL certificates are provided for the security by Bluehost, while for the standard and pro accounts, only one SSL certificate is provided for the dedicated servers.

For different plans and hosting, free SSL is available, but if you have multiple accounts for the VPS and dedicated servers, it is important to purchase.

HostGator has the feature of a hack alert that looks into regular monitoring of the websites so that any kind of malicious spam or attacks can be instantly detected; it is possible through the notifications with codes.

The datacenter of Hostgator hosting can be prevented from attacks by a custom firewall, and flood protection is enabled on network-level another important key feature of the Hostgator hosting protects from DDoS attacks while blue host also has the similar feature, but they do not depend on the feature and work with their supporting team to improve or retain the security.

SSL certificates

This is due to the use of more than one Cpanels for the account apart from it. Bluehost has an efficient team to monitor and malware scans, but it is a paid service that can keep a daily scan on the databases to keep the server free from spam.

Avoids blacklisting by Google that is caused due to hacks or malware attacks on the website

Hostgator provides the free SSL for a single website, but for multi-domains or extended validation of SSL certificates needs to be purchased by the users.

In case security and protection, users find Bluehost better in efficiency compared to Hostgator, though both provide malware tools, website backups, and tools, but Hostgator security service is limited.

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Features Of Bluehost and Hostgator

In the case of performance, comparing between Bluehost vs HostGator, the loading of page speed of Bluehost is two times faster. On the other hand, HostGator shows slightly low page loading speed, recently the performance and uptime have increased to 99.98 percent, and Bluehost has the uptime of 99.97 percent.

While the customer support for both the companies is best, both have their own in-house to support and guide the users with technical glitches and problems. Live chat supports for 24 hours, phone support, email, ticketing, and live chats are available in both. So, customer supports for both the companies provide all sorts of supports for fast and easy assistance to the users or customers.

Basic features of Bluehost and Hostgator

Customers have been looking for the best hosting service so for a beginner who is less exposed or experienced it better to buy HostGator with unlimited entry plan and good customer care support, but as we look for a low price start-up plan, it is the Bluehost who has the lowest price plans with discounts and offer.

  • Signing up in both the hosting services is easy, including the operating systems are easy with different add-ons that are available, which you can use according to the requirement and remove those not required.
  • Email accounts limited and unlimited both are provided by the Hostgator and Bluehost email plans are limited for the basic plans as you upgrade with the plans it becomes unlimited accounts, and you can deliver more than 500 emails.
  • For basic plans, it is for five accounts with a space of 100 MB slowly to upgrade but not good for newsletters
  • HostGator can provide unlimited emails on all plans, but it can deliver 500 emails per hour from an account

Both have their own features, and it is suggested to opt for the hosting depending upon the kind of email account service required and also check the prices.

Site migration

For experienced users, it becomes important to seek for a better hosting plan, and so the site migration is an essential feature of both so on checking for Bluehost vs Hostgator it is seen that Hostgator provide the free migration or transfer of the new account within 30 days after signing up into the account.

Bluehost does not provide the service for free as you have to pay approx $150 for five sites and 20 email accounts.

In such cases, the blue host can be beneficial if you want the site migration in the future, but for an instant, Hostgator will be the best for one website.

Bluehost can be the best option for more than one hosting and future transfer of websites.

Overall features comparison between Bluehost and Hostgator

Hostgator provides Cpanel, which is easy for a beginner, and the customization of the website is also similarly easy with the drag and drop procedure. Users and customers can also get a 62 percent discount on the first three years.

Bluehost has the storage disk space from 50GB to extend to unlimited, also a free domain for one year. Hostgator does not provide a free domain, $15 per year to be paid, or users can use an old existing domain.

Blue host as a cheap hosting provides the free Weebly site builder to self-build and design the site, also the Cloudflare CDN. The highest discount was of 63 percent off while comparing both of them, HostGator provides 62 percent off monthly if bought for 36 months.

The free one-year domain is available for dedicated hosting while the new domain is necessary to be purchased if you consider Hostgator, or you can work with the existing domains.

Users or customers who work in dedicated hosting, the comparison between the two popular company, can provide an idea about the best one to choose from the following:

The features of the hosting Bluehost has the in-house team to work and monitor hosting servers, as it is important to do so, apart from it has a minimum 3 IP addresses per plan while the storage is of RAID 1 mirrored storage and the best part is 27 percent off on signing up and first purchase with four cores per server.

Hostgator provides storage space of 512 GB SSD that can be extended to 2 TB HDD, while SSH access and the support to the users are in multiple languages. Linux and Windows servers available, but no money-back guarantee may discourage the buyers, while Bluehost has the money-back guarantee in 30 days.

In the tug of war between Bluehost vs Hostgator, the users will choose Bluehost for dedicated hosting so that they can experience the maximum benefits. Both have been leading in the hosting companies, but comparing both depending on the user’s requirements and the difference has made one better than another. So in order to differentiate between the pros and cons of both are mentioned below.


While describing the pros of the blue host free domain for the first one year is the main benefit, and also an unlimited disk space that helps in proper storage of the files and data. Unlimited traffic can be driven to the website.

So, what is inconvenient when you use Bluehost? You do not have the option of free migration. So, if you can purchase plans providing the feature of site transfer or migration, and no daily backups or restoration possible.


The best feature is the 99.9 percent of uptime, which is less provided by most of the hosting companies; you can have the backups of data and file backups and free migration of sites.

Hostgator has cons that make it less in demand when other companies provide free domains, but it does not provide another drawback is for VPS hosting no window-based services.

Both have their individual advantages and disadvantage that make one best than another.

Hostgator vs Bluehost in India

Hostgator is providing both domain and hosting services worldwide. A wider range of services are being offered by it including

1- Shared hosting
2- Reseller hosting
3- VPS hosting
4- Dedicated web hosting.

Basic info about Hostgator

The company was established in 2002 and headquarter of this company is situated at Huston, Texas in the USA. No doubt that in a short period, the company has nicely established itself. The services are highly in demand by the business of every type and size. This has indeed created a sensation among the users by providing good quality services with the budget.

Hostgator vs Bluehost

Hostgator has established itself in recent years with great success and some unique features. But there are some unmatched qualities that you will hardly find anywhere else. In our study of Hostgator vs Bluehost in India, it is necessary to go through some factors.

Consistency and functions

No doubt that in that Bluehost and Hostgator both stands in a good position in the market. The working mechanism of the Bluehost is quite user-friendly, and newbie can also use its platform without any complication? The entire framework is good. It uses the CPU throttling system. The CPU throttling system is good enough to reduce the unwanted load on memory.

A unique feature of Hostgator 

Hostgator has many security layers to protect the file. It also provides an excellent backup package for safety. One interesting thing that makes the HostGator different from others is that it is hosted on Dual Xenon Server at Dallas. This means that flow of information is faster and smoother as compared to any other service provider because both have some great things to offer some use both the companies to process the information.  

Test of speed with competence 

The next factor that must be taken into consideration is the competent working. Websites and bloggers may have to go through several losses when they are running downtime. Therefore preferences must be given a web hosting company that has the least downtime. 

Consistency in Speed 

The next measurement of efficiency is the speed. The fast process of the website makes it indeed more popular among the users. But both Hostgator and Bluehost are doing almost the same in the matter of speed. One must use a special tool to measure that accurate speed. 

Offers By Bluehost and Hostgator

Discounts and offers are both available for Bluehost, and the Hostgator almost both provide attractive offers to customers.

Bluehost hosting provides 10 percent off for any kind of hosting plans for a limited time only; you can also save while you renew Shared WordPress hosting it is possible that you can save up to 66 percent, basic plans start from Rs199 per month approx.

The best saving plan when customers want to purchase a new hosting plan with a free domain, it can help you in saving up to 40 percent. Another best offer provided by Bluehost is the web hosting to 65 percent off with free SSL certificate and free domain when you purchase coupons of Bluehost.

Though the discounts and offers are also provided by Hostgator but are differences in their offers such as at just only Rs 399 only approx for hatchling plans you can find a domain for the first year with the web hosting, also a 50 percent saving with the shared cPanel web hosting for both light and low traffic website.

This can be best for the starters who are looking for a high performing website at low prices. Fifty percent(50) off for a purchase on web hosting instantly to begin a web hosting plan, also a 10 percent off for Sitelock from hackers, viruses and spams protection.

Bluehost or Hostgator, their comparison on discounts and offers both provide more or less good offers, but SSL certificates with offers and discounts are available from the HostGator, so those who want low price protection from malware and spams can choose HostGator.

Bluehost provides a low price offer on the certificates but does not have any discount on the prices available at $4.99 approx at the auto-renewal of the web hosting.

Who is the best among Bluehost and Hostgator?

After a long comparison between both the web hosting companies, it can be observed that there are slight differences between the features and offers. While checking into the consistent uptime, Bluehost has been providing the best uptime and speed for the page loading while HostGator has recently improved its uptime and page loading speed.

Bluehost has been winning the trust of the users and customers for years, specifically for WordPress web hosting, followed by another web hosting. Depending on the type of requirement, HostGator can also opt mostly for beginners.

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