Bluehost vs Dreamhost: Which Web Hosting Is Best Of 2020

Bluehost vs Dreamhost the best comparisons

Bluehost vs Dreamhost: Bluehost and Dreamhost are the most competitive hosting service providers. If you are looking for the best web hosting services, then you should compare both as it becomes essential to find out the best key features that make it the prior options to buy plans from the Bluehost or Dreamhost. It is vital to check the suitable hosting for your website.

Which hosting should we buy Bluehost or Dreamhost?

So if you are thinking about the company and hosting, you should opt to let us find the key features and benefit comparing both Bluehost and Dreamhost by the provided plans. 

Basic plan

The startup plan of the hostings, it is found that the Dreamhost provides a cheaper plan compared to the Bluehost. For beginners, the Dreamhost startup plan is more attractive if compared to the Bluehost. 

But for the upgraded plan, one will find that Bluehost is expensive than Dreamhost. The last plan of Bluehost’s so-called Choice plus is costly, and Dreamhost can provide it at a lower price. The hosting plan can be beneficial for users who are beginners who can buy the startup plan and the next upgraded plan from the Bluehost.

For the superior plan, the user can choose the Dreamhost ‘Website Builder Standard Plan’ that is available at $4.95 per month approximately and in Bluehost provides the ‘Choice Plus’ Plan at $5.45 per month and Blue host basic plan starts at $2.95 per month. Dreamhost provides at approx $2.59 per month approximately.
NOTE: Prices are dynamic in nature and subject to availability

Let us look into the hosting comparison between Bluehost and Dreamhost, while when we look into the features of the overall hosting features here, we find the differences. Bluehost provides the 100% uptime with the leading industrial hardware.

While Dreamhost is competent provides equal uptime for the website hosting. The disk space ranges from 50 GB to Unlimted for Bluehost, and it is unlimited storage for Dreamhost. Overall hosting features are seen that the advantages of both with the free Domain name. But the money-back guarantee period creates a difference as Bluehost has the money-back guarantee of 30 days during a 97-day money-back guarantee for Dreamhost.

Customer support

Email support, phone support, and chat support all kinds of customer support is provided by both the companies. In looking for the best and instant customer supports for Bluehost vs. Dreamhost, both companies can offer similar technical support 24×7.

As per customer support, there is almost no difference, both the companies are popular in the market working for years to keep their business secure in the market.

Free service

Dreamhost provides free services for each hour of downtime of their hosting, which an essential key feature, though the downtime of the hosting is rarely similar to the Bluehost.


Bluehost has unlimited traffic for the websites with the automatic backups for the database, Dreamhost holds a similar feature including storage spaces unlimited and email addresses.

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Cheap hosting plan Bluehost vs Dreamhost

What else do you want if the domain is provided free with the hosting, both the companies provide the free domain at the lowest price? The cheap Bluehost hosting has been endorsed by the team with free Cloudflare CDN. It is affordable at a low price, which one can rarely find in other hosting services.

Bluehost has the best performance for the lowest price with the free Weebly site builder. At low prices, the shared hosting with three plans provides high-quality performance and 100percent uptime.

On the other hand, Dreamhost provides automated malware scans at a low price. It is an essential feature that can attract customers. Email account with POP/IMAP/SMTP is provided, the website has to streamline proprietary control panel.

The best hosting company between Dreamhost or Bluehost        

While comparing the Dedicated web hosting of both the companies, these are the key features that can provide an idea about the best hosting company for VPS.

Blue host

  • The Dedicated hosting plan has a minimum of 3 IP addresses per plan. This can make the website work efficiently; the in-house team works to maintain the performance of the hosting along with one RAID mirror storage. Disk spaces for VPS hosting range from 500GB to 1 TB, also a free domain is available with the hosting for one year.
  • Dreamhost has the limitation of 12 cores available for Dedicated hosting with shell access, DDoS protection, with customer support, and the best part is the 24 x7 facility of server monitoring. Customized hardware options are available that are fully managed by the supporting team of the company.
  •  Storage of RAID-1 or SSD storage that ranges from 240 GB SSD can be increased to 2 TB HDD, no free domains so, you need a new domain, or you can transfer the website domain.

VPS Hosting plans and features

Similarly, while looking in the benefits of the VPS hosting comparing both Bluehost vs. Dreamhost, both can provide unlimited bandwidth and unlimited domains, but the infinite space for storage that increased the demand for Bluehost.

Bluehost has high security and protection with code guard backups and SEO tools; this is not seen in the dream host. Optional site lock security is to build for any malware site attacks on the servers. The server plans start from the 2-4 cores to the 2-8 GB of Ram; it is also endorsed with the WordPress team for content management.

A convenient way to migrate through the seamless migration from the Bluehost shared plans. Discounts up to 33 percent are available during signup and purchasing of the website hosting.

Dreamhost VPS hosting plans provide customers with stable and high performance with control panels that can be customized with easy use of Ram if required increase. Security is of 5 years provided by the support of Ubuntu.

Bluehost has comparatively proven to serve better in VPS with free domain, migrations, and enough storage space of 30 GB SSD.

Site builder hosting Bluehost vs Dreamhost

Bluehost has the feature of automatic backup that carries out the reserve regularly on daily, weekly, and monthly. If users or customers want a customized appearance on the website, they can choose the professional help for designing building the website. Support by the Weebly and Gomobu site builder.

Self customizing of the website are possible along with the managing of the site without any types of codes. Desktop, phone, and tablet themes are available for preview; it can be easily transferred to WordPress.

Bluehost vs Dreamhost together provides a one-year domain, but the difference is in disk space that is unlimited for dream host and 50 GB SSD for Bluehost.

Bluehost web hosting is one of the recommended hosting companies in India regarding WordPress hosting.

It has the best performance with 99 percent of uptime, while Dreamhost has guaranteed 100 percent uptime. But where does Dreamhost lacks in WordPress web hosting?

Dreamhost also offers one day of free hosting on an hour of downtime after the complaint is opened by the user.

Bluehost has taken its winning position by providing the best security and protection from website hacks and malware spams or attacks.

One-click installation of WordPress has made it easier for the new and old users to work and save time required for installation.

New users always prefer a hassle-free download Bluehost has kept it fast and easy, the same service is provided by the Dreamhost but installing by the mojo market one click, Bluehost has made one-click installation easier.

Three plan options available for Bluehost while two plans are provided by Dreamhost for WordPress web hosting.

Best Discounts and Offers

 Bluehost coupons and offers for web hosting with maximum benefits related to features, unlimited storage, disk space, free domains, and money-back guarantee along with the uptime, strong support for technical or downtime has made a good reputation.

  • Dreamhost offers and discounts are provided until a 30 days trial period before purchasing a low price of 4.99$ per month. Affordable and efficient services are provided for easy WordPress hosting, altogether for new users. So, if you are a newbie, Dreamhost can be a great place to purchase the domain with a 30-day trial, but for experienced users, Bluehost will the best related to prices and features.
  • The scalable virtual server according to the requirement of the Cpanel, and it can be increased according to the requirement. SSH and password protection, including Phusion passenger for the VPS hosting server, Dreamhost provides the service at a low price compare to the Bluehost.

Which hosting should I buy Bluehost, Dreamhost?

If you are looking to purchase a new WordPress hosting, Bluehost should be the first option between Bluehost vs. Dreamhost, while VPS hosting Dreamhost is most profitable regarding price and security. The overall hosting comparison indicates Bluehost regarding its efficiency and money-back guarantee. 

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