Bluehost Hosting Review with Pros and Cons

Are you looking for excellent web hosting and don’t know where to start?

Lets us help you with a deeply detailed Bluehost Hosting review. It is known as one of the most popular web hosting in the industry with millions of users. A perfect web hosting is essential to make the website trustworthy. Usually, a good hosting service includes a hundred percent uptime. Bluehost is one of the most trusted names when it comes to web hosting. 

Good web hosting means that users of the website will be more contented and this increases the popularity and trust. In the long run, the web hosting is counted as one of the most prominent factors for higher ranking in the search engine optimization as well. 

Selecting the correct hosting company is also necessary because changing hosting can put a negative impact on the ranking of the website. But before you make any decision it is better to go through the Bluehost hosting review. This will give you a good idea about the various plans, product reliability, and add-on services. Many of you may know already know that Bluehost is. But still, individuals who are not aware of this company, it is good to have some idea about it.

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What is Bluehost?

Bluehost is a company that provides web hosting services for websites. One of the great things about this company is that many additional services are being offered to users. A complete package is given to the users can anyone can start using this website without having prior complex knowledge. Let’s explore in the direction of our question what is bluehost and why it is being so popular among customers.

Headquarter of this web hosting company is located in Burlington, Massachusetts, U.S. Matt Heaton, and Danny Ashworth established this company in 2003 with the services of shared, VPS, dedicated, and cloud hosting. 

In this review article, every aspect and service of the Bluehost is reviewed separately. You may have read many other reviews with the very common and general information before. But this review is quite different from any other because of the categories services reviewed. 

Bluehost hosting review

Bluehost is also highly recommended by WordPress and most popular. In case you are going to start WordPress and looking for the hosting, many people can recommend you this. But before you make any decision, you should know about the essential things to consider that can put a significant impact on the hosting of your website. 

  • Powerful user interface
  • Easy to use
  • A good support system with automatic features for WordPress
  • The good website builder is provided in the package
  • The basic plan is very economic 
  • Users will get free domain and SSL certificate
  • Bluehost provides Free marketing advertising credits worth $ 200
  • The best part of Bluehost shared hosting basic plan is that you get 50 GB SSD storage, Unmetered bandwidth, SSL included, One single domain, 5 parked domains, and 25 Sub-domains

Heavy discounts are offered in the long term plans only. 

Bluehost is a popular name when it comes to hosting because of its good uptime. The second most attractive thing to notice about the Bluehost is its great customer care services. Three-way communication viz. chat, phone, and email make it good. Several add-on services are provided free of cost. The advanced users prefer to have the services of this particular web hosting company because of its power system. 

Bluehost WordPress optimized hosting review

Bluehost WordPress optimized hosting review

No doubt that WordPress websites are getting popular and there is huge traffic on the internet that is contributing to this context. Bluehost is highly preferred for the hosting of WordPress websites. Even the most experience holder bloggers prefer to use this website.

Website owners love to keep their hosting with the Bluehost because of some attractive features that are highly compatible with WordPress. Even you can see on WordPress that web hosting of the Bluehost is highly recommended. All the details are discussed in the Bluehost WordPress optimized hosting review that you see here. 


  • Bluehost is hosting more than 850,000 WordPress websites. 
  • It can make the entire process of WordPress web development quite easy. 
  • Bluehost WordPress optimized hosting is highly recommended by professional bloggers and website owners. 
  • WordPress is good for the ranking on the search engine. The coding of WordPress is simple. Due to this factor, it is highly preferred for the higher ranking by SEO experts. There is no other name for hosting a WordPress website then Bluehost. 
  • A great set of tools is available on the Bluehost. The basic website builder is provided. Even the newbie can work with these tools. 
  • Users can also enjoy unlimited traffic and disk space. 
  • Tools of the Bluehost WordPress are exceptional. They make it possible to install WordPress in a single click and thus it is highly recommended by 


  • For the migration of the website, there is no free plan available. 
  • The backup and restore process is also chargeable. 

Bluehost offers 30-days of the money-back guarantee. The domain is also provided free of cost for the starting one year. These are some of the great benefits of going with the WordPress hosting services of the Bluehost. There are many great shared hosting plans available

Bluehost VPS hosting review


VPS (virtual private server is highly recommended because of security reasons. Yes, it is said to be working perfectly when it comes to the protection of the website from the hijackers. The next thing is cost-effective. In this Bluehost VPS hosting review we are going to discuss every single aspect that you should know. 


  • Bluehost is a great choice for VPS. This is so because of its cost-effective plans. The monthly cost is very less which makes it great. 
  • A domain name is also provided free of cost for the first year. 
  • Different plans are available which make it suitable for various websites and blog owners. 
  • Great disk space, domain hosting, email address, and bandwidth is provided for the users.
  • Great website performance and even with basic plan you’ll get 2 GB dedicated RAM, 30 GB SSD Storage, 1 TB Bandwidth.
  • The best advantage of Bluehost VPS hosting is that it provides Root Access to your control panel where you can administrate and modify your server on your own.
  • Great pricing plans compared to other competitors in the industry just at $ 19.99/month


  • Migration plans are not free of cost. 
  • Other essential services like backup and restore are also not available without charges. 

Selecting the correct VPS host is necessary for accurate and efficient working. Bluehost is providing remarkable services, customer care, plans, and other features. Security is a major concern in the modern cyber world. The good thing about the Bluehost is that it is offering spam protection and other security features with the plans. You can set up backup plans for the monthly, weekly, and daily basis as well. 

Bluehost cloud hosting review

Clouding hosting is popular for its flexibility. It allows the users to select the different pricing options available for them. Scaling the server resources is also very easy with it. The next advantage is high uptime and availability. Bluehost cloud hosting is famous in the entire world because of some extra features that are included in the plans. You should find the best features and benefits in this particular Bluehost cloud hosting review


  • Users can enjoy unmetered storage and bandwidth.
  • Good space storage is provided to the users.
  • A free domain name is included in the plan
  • For the professional business account more CPU power and ram are available. 
  • In the performance and business plan, unlimited email accounts are available. 
  • Small users can also enjoy luxurious options with a single website. 
  • Free SSL is included


  • Starting package only supports a single website and very fewer features are offered in it. 
  • It does not include the back and restores.
  • Short terms plans are costly as compare to long term plans. 

The user must inform the company within the first 30 days for the cancellation of the plan and otherwise, the money will not be refundable. Invoicing and tax structure is also different as per the region. This means that users must check the pricing and discounts carefully before placing an order. Several other services may cost extra and thus it is better to check the same packages with the others. 

Bluehost pricing plans/What are marketing offers on Bluehost

Almost every blogger and website owner finds the pricing plans of Bluehost interesting. Most of the plans include good add-on services and thus they are good for working. Now you must be wondering that can a Bluehost plan fits into your budget. Well, the good thing is that you should find the most suitable one from the Bluehost pricing plans (check the latest pricing). 

Bluehost is offering a wide range of plans and thus you can start with them from just $3.95 per month. Yes, there is a shared hosting plan that you can obtain in this range and the best part about this plan is that you can go for the regular rate of $7.99 per month. 

  • You should know the fact that Bluehost pricing is great because it offers a money-back guarantee to its customers for 30 days. 
  • New customers can start with the cheapest plan in the start to experience and in the long run, they can also select the other expensive plans with heavily discounted pricing. 
  • New customers can obtain special discounts as per the pricing policies of the Bluehost. 

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Some of the most economic Bluehost pricing plans are 

We have tried to cover every aspect of the web hosting and other things in this Bluehost hosting review but without discussing the plans it will be considered incomplete. However, the packages may contain more features with the less pricing sometimes. This depends on person to person. Let us explore more what is there for you.

Shared hosting plan

Shared hosting – This is the best powerful platform for beginners to start a new website that can be afforded by a newbie it is pocket friendly and also very simple to get started in the plan, the user can start the basic services just at $3.95 & Plus plan just at $5.95. Later users can renew the plan at the cost of $7.95 per month.

WordPress hosting plan:

Shared WordPress hosting: With this plan, site can be built very easily with automatic WordPress installation. This plan is the most secure one and a free SSL certificate included in the package which starts from the cost of just $3.95 and it is also renewable at $7.95 per month only.

WooCommerce hosting plan:

WooCommerce hosting: This plan is suitable for the e-commerce website with the best e-commerce plugin to integrate with WordPress. You can start your online platform with just simplified drag and drop options with WooCommerce hosting. The plan will start at $6.95 and it is renewable at $13.99 per month.  

VPS hosting:

VPS (Virtual Private Servers) hosting: This plan is suitable for the people who are looking for something cost-effective hosting. VPS is an upgraded version of shared hosting with a powerful hosting range and better control access. The plan starts at $18.99 per month and it is renewable at $29.99 per month.

Managed WordPress hosting:

This plan is highly recommended for the WordPress website owners for its unlimited storage limit and can host an unlimited number of WordPress sites. The price starts at $19.95 and renewable at $ 29.99 per month. 

Dedicated hosting:

Dedicated server hosting users will get the best service like unlimited performance, security, and safety. The biggest advantage of this plan is you can manage your server and users will have full access to configuring their servers.

This particular plan starts at $79.99 per month and renewable at $119.99 per month. Time to time new and additional plans are also added. One should keep checking the official website of the Bluehost. We hope that after going through this detailed Bluehost hosting review, you can make a better decision now.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is Bluehost a good hosting server?

Bluehost offers a great variety of services, also the speed and the effectiveness of the sites running on Bluehost is highly attractive. Whether it be the user-friendly cPanel interface or the reliable servers, the ratings and feedback for Bluehost make it a great server for websites.

Is Bluehost best for beginners?

Yes, it is highly recommended for beginners, since it offers a simple WordPress installation. Also, the cPanel interface is ideal and highly suggested for beginners which are offered by Bluehost. With a great automatic security feature, you get a great user-friendly server at a budget-friendly cost.

Is Bluehost SEO tools helpful?

The SEO tools offered by Bluehost are really helpful and can improve your ranking in a great manner. Its SEO tool allows you to be the best by offering a simpler way to monitor your competitors. You also get the flexibility of easy research keywords that will be the best fit for your targeted audience.

Is Bluehost only for WordPress?

No, you can use other website builders for Bluehost, but it is highly recommended for WordPress. Bluehost is one of the highly recommended hosting providers for sites build by WordPress, but that does not make it limited just to WordPress sites. Apart from WordPress, you can use Bluehost for any site build by any website builder.

How much Bluehost charges per month?

For shared hosting, you need to pay an amount from a range of $8 to $26. In the case of WordPress optimized hosting, you have to pay an approx. amount of $40. For VPS you will be charged an amount of $30, and similarly for dedicated hosting will cost you $120. $10 is an approximate cost for cloud hosting.

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