A2 Web Hosting Review: What is A2 Hosting?

A2 hosting review in details

A2 Web Hosting Review: A2 Hosting is a Web Hosting company that provides high-quality Hosting services that were established in 2001. Customers using Hosting enjoy 20 times faster loading its page.

It is due to the SSDs. In this A2 Hosting review, an idea of offering all kinds of hosting solutions from shared web Hosting to the reseller, VPS, and dedicated server solutions are provided for guidance.

A2 Web Hosting services for the website

A2 Web Hosting has always been providing the best services for websites delivering high speed and secured websites for years.

Its reputation in the market has been simultaneously improving, which remains consistent. You will find many Web Hosting services, but A2 Web Hosting has built its trust and increased reliability, with its best services.

At the same time, A2 Website Hosting compared to other website companies has made consistent services for not only for Linux but also for other Web Hosting services. Other Web Hosting apart from Linux are:

  • Cloud Web Hosting
  • Dedicated Web Hosting
  • VPS Web Hosting

Reliable Hosting services for businesses are intended to drive traffic and high-speed services.

The company has an efficient supporting team to guide and provide technical support, anytime 24×7, for its customers. No one can deny the 99.9 percent uptime in A2 Hosting.

A2 Web Hosting has fully managed VPS Hosting.

VPS Hosting is compatible with the great team or organization with experience in website managing large websites under admin.

Best for the IT employees with storage space and monthly data transfers with different plans from the Pinnacle+ to Host management services.

VPS Hosting is best for new website launchers, which can work on the website quickly as it is less complicated due to the Open stack cloud.

Hosting provides emails for limited and unlimited depending on the packages and storage of 20 GB, with 512 MB of RAM and the monthly transfer of 2 TB. The room can be increased to 50 GB and RAM to 20 GB.

How does the server of the VPS Web Hosting differ? It is the server that has the best properties to run more than one site on a single server, and each website carries the lowest uploading time as it isolates or separates from the server mates.

The benefits of working with the VPS Web Hosting packages of A2 Hosting have the features of extending its data transferring capacity to 9TB and 250 GB storage space.

You can manage software, network, security, and hardware with the so-called ‘Guru Crew’ to manage and solve all problems. Once again, the turbo boost VPS Web Hosting enables us to work comfortably with fast page loading hosts.

In A2 Web Hosting Review 2020 shows further increased reliability of the hosts that have free Cpanel features with free, smooth site transfer. Well, if you are finding difficulty in working with the features or unsatisfied with the services the A2 Hosting services, it provides you the provision of Money-back Guarantee.

The packages start from approximately $25 to $50 of prices that are affordable and efficient with free SSL and SSDs. The unmanaged VPS can be selected with a choice of Linux OS, managed, and core VPS both can be carried out with Host-guard management.

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A2 Hosting WordPress Best Offered Plans

Starting Hosting WordPress plan is the start-up with a price of $2.99 approximately per month approximately and depending on the requirement of the type of package Drive, turbo boost, and turbo max that can add unlimited websites to one WordPress Hosting. Features that are useful for experienced users, and the requirement of the Hosting for advanced plans are:

Smooth site migration is one of the critical features of the A2 WordPress Hosting that is highly effective for unlimited websites. Movement is free, the performance of the websites are increasing that can enable to benefits for the users. For all the plans from the start-up plan to turbo free and easy migration can be carried out conveniently.

A2 Hosting start-up plan has a storage of 100 GB SSD storage. While the higher plans, Drive has unlimited SSD storage while the Turbo Boost and Turbo max has the unlimited NVMe storage, with free automatic backups. Start-up plans lack the automated backups, while the best plan that can work for the newbies.

While if you check and compare the A2 Web Hosting Review with another web hosting, you will find the growth key features of A2 Hosting excessively useful. The growth feature of Drive plan has the Data backup protection and traffic spike protection, including unlimited email accounts.

Advanced plans

Both Turbo Boost and Max packages have extra features apart from the Drive features the advanced plan has added turbo features. These are the most efficient features that increase the performances of the websites. A2 site accelerator enables to loading and running of the pages to 20 times faster.

  • It has Turbo features
  • AMD EPYC hardware +NVMe storage
  • Memcached, turbo cache & APC/ Apache
  • 5X more resources for the turbo max.

Efficiency is always the first requirement for hosting users. Protection and security are both added to traffics and data backups that make users convenient and stress-free from malicious attacks.

Pros and Cons of A2 Hosting

Though the Web Hosting service is provided for years and has built a great platform, sometimes users and customers are worried about the advantages and disadvantages, few are given below:


  • A2 ensures an uptime performance of 99.9 percent with the free SSL certificates. The speed of loading pages is about 20x times faster compared to other companies.
  • Best and optimized software available for WordPress, Drupal, and Prestashop, you have the SEO tools to guide you through Attracta SEO tools.
  • A2 Hosting provides a guarantee of any time money back.
  • Unlimited Databases available
  • Runs Quadruple Redundant Network


  • If you are looking to purchase A2 hosting services to experience unlimited storage and websites, it is essential to swift or turbo hosting plans.
  • Under the Swift or turbo hosting plans, you can find the backup features unavailable in start-up plans.
  • Another disadvantage is purchasing the Turbo server for hosting may be an expensive plan.

The start-up hosting plan has the minimum advantages, but it is best for new users who have few requirements of features. It is also suitable for users who want to save some money, as they can self design the website with simple designing tools.

A2 Swift Web Hosting review 2020

Swift web Hosting, the excellent speed with fast pages loading with monthly unlimited visitors. Best for the users who want to a Hosting plan apart from dedicated IP. 

Swift web Hosting compared to other Web hosting companies A2 Hosting provides the best features under low prices. All kind of noticeable vital features is available in the Swift Web Hosting. Faster website page loading is due to the site accelerator, optimized, and server structure.

The Swift Hosting packages start from approximately $50 approx, which is best if you are looking for a well-structured server but do not require extra key features of turbo plans. Free SSL is added in the Swift Hosting plans, along with free SSD storage that enables unlimited storage.

Do you want unlimited websites to work on this server? The A2 server Hosting review ensures the best guidance for you to select web Hosting depending on your requirements. For a newbie, it can be convenient as it can be installed at one click.

Not a WordPress optimized Hosting, so, in case of content management, you have to search or depend on another Hosting. No free domain or managed Hosting available, ease to migration, which is free like WordPress Hosting. 

SSL certificate includes in the Hosting, so it is a critical feature which you will not find in other Hosting companies offering it free as you have to purchase an SSL certificate.

Don’t worry about the migration of the account from the old to new as it is not only free but also easy to transfer or migrate from the past to the new account. A2 Swift Hosting is a Shared Hosting package with unmetered bandwidth with unlimited monthly visitors.

A2 Hosting affiliate program review

Well structured A2 Web Hosting affiliate program management, this is because of the instant responsive team. If you are thinking of selling your high traffic website, the presence of the real-time affiliate stats can be beneficial for the best deal you can find from the Web Hosting. The main key feature of the post affiliate management is the pro-control panel. It can be used by new and experienced users by the tip of the fingers.

Deep linking

The affiliate account of A2 Web Hosting Review must indicate the deep linking those users can choose their link types, and above all, each time a new customer clicks on the affiliated link, you must get a commission.

Cookies have always been the main factor for running websites and ads. It is essential to have long extended life cookies. A2 Web Hosting affiliate program management has enabled 90 days long cookies life. This will help in tracking the links while surfing.

Triple redundant tracking

The efficiency of Web Hosting can be easily maintained and tracked by the triple reductant tracking. Affiliate program of the A2 Hosting has developed the most reliable and trustworthy program by the authentic triple reductant following with the track on the date, time, and concept.

Monthly payments on 15th

All commissions that you will receive or earn, it is on the 15th of every month for that users will get the payments. Earning is based on the sales delivered each month. And the entire amount is issued without any problems to the account.

If you are thinking about the working features of the affiliated programs, it works in a conceptualized manner. Visitors click on a customized affiliate link, and if the visitor decides and purchases after reading any Web Hosting review, you will earn a commission. After 45 days, surveys are carried out, and sales are approved.

A2 Web Hosting Review for 2020 has shown increased demand for Web Hosting due to its efficiency and ease of usability. Other free and unlimited vital features, including growth features, have made it the best Web Hosting that users can work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is A2 hosting popular for?

It is popular for its high-speed and easy to use hosting service. A2 hosting provider claims to give the highest attention over speed and reliability. A2 states that its SSDs ‘Turbo Servers’ can load 20 times faster than a non-SSD server. The top speed is offered to both high-end and low-end clients.

Is A2 Hosting good?

The speed and the user-friendly environment make A2 hosting a really good web hosting service provider. The support quality of A2 hosting is highly better than various other popular website hosting providers. Also, it offers a great security system along with a free SSL certificate. A2 Hosting is definitely one of the best hosting providers.

Is A2 Hosting owned by EIG?

A2 Hosting is not owned by EIG. A2 Hosting is a founder-owned company.

How much do the A2 hosting charge per month?

A2 hosting charges mostly range from $8 to $24. Mostly the renewal cost is pretty higher compared to the cost at the initial stage.

Does A2 hosting has affiliate programs?

Yes, A2 Hosting offers affiliate programs. You get a good variety of services from where you can get a great amount as a commission.

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