The Best and Optimal A2 Hosting Plan | A2 Hosting Turbo

A2 Hosting is arguably one of the best web hosting platforms available on the internet.

This hosting platform is a flexible hosting service provider that gives more features to each and every individual. 

This is because the wider range of subscription plans enables people of a different class to choose what they need. 

An individual can activate plans that suit his/her own requirement.

Hence, you can simply say there is something in for everyone in this hosting platform.

Amongst the many plans, why is there so much fuzz about the turbo plan? 

Turbo Boost package of A2 hosting is a hybrid and optimal plan that is both fast and occupies lesser CPU. One of the key features of turbo boost are:

  • Highly responsive as it gathers information and reciprocates to the user very swiftly. This is because the server fetches the data firsthand from the .htaaccess files.
  • Since the information is fetched from the turbo cache, it reduces the time fetching data from the main folders. Hence, the dwell time reduces significantly. 
  • Reduction in dwell time eventually means that the load time drastically
  • It also reduces the heavier load on the CPU, and in return enables quick access and usage

Need for Turbo Boost Plan

While Google, Bing, and many other search engines are ever-evolving with each and every update, it is very important for every company or individual to keep the websites optimized accordingly. 

With the latest June 2nd, 2021 update, Google has put more emphasis on the core web vitals. 

When you talk about the core web vitals, initial server response time is a factor that is known to be very hard to attain perfection. 

Hence, this turbo plan could help you out very effectively when it comes to reducing the initial server response time. 

If you are running a big business, you might wanna consider the Turbo Boost plan. 

This is because, for a huge corporation which is relying on online means for revenue, the ranking of each and every page is very crucial.

A2 Turbo Boost is the Real Deal

This plan is tried and tested out to be the fastest and avaricious plan compared to the rest of the plans. It is twenty times faster compared to regular plans.

Apart from the speed, you get to enjoy ninety-nine percent uptime on this hosting. 

Also, get to host unlimited websites and also have the use of boundless email accounts.

A2 Turbo Boost is a  Major SEO Utility

As talked about earlier in the post, the rapid speed of A2 web hosting could be very advantageous and supportive of your SEO efforts.

 It is said to have reduced the bounce rates of a page; reduced CPU loads.

With the technical requirements taken care of but the server, one can certainly expect to see a better ranking in the SERP results. 

This eventually adds to the higher conversion rates and click-through rates.

The presence of NVMe drive improves the reading and writing speed 3X faster to the regular ones. 

A faster drive helps the server handle nine times more traffic than what a regular hosting server can do.

Bottom Line

With a bigger pool of hosting services is available in the market, you need to figure out what fits your requirements. 

For any business that is heavily reliant on online revenue, the Turbo Boost plan is highly recommended. 

But before purchasing any hosting service, we recommend you to assess your requirements. Also, it is very useful to always compare the different services before making any purchase. 

Hence, we suggest you also look into our hosting service comparison section to weigh up the different hosting providers.

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