What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the technology that makes your website come live on the internet. Without hosting also your website exists, but it won’t be functional as it cannot be live till you host it on the web. So without hosting, your website will be like a life without a body, without physical existence. It will be there, but you won’t be able to see it, as it won’t appear on the web- a website without a web existence, rather you can call it a “Domain without a web existence”.

Top Hosting Providers (2020)

Let’s talk about some popular hosting providers and what features they do provide.

1. Bluehost

When you talk to web developers and bloggers, most of them name Bluehost as their favorite hosting provider. It provides 100% uptime and the best part is they have wonderful customer support. They have all types of web hosting plans available with the latest features and they are currently offering an exclusive offer which is you get a free .com domain for a year if you choose any of their hosting plans for at least six months/ one year.

2. Dreamhost

A 25-year old Los Angeles based web hosting company providing high-end data security to users with all sorts of latest features and high reliability. The best part about their hosting plan is if you run out of the resources, they will not immediately suspend your website but will reduce the features from it. Your website will still be up on the server and running with limited features. Though I have not used their services at any time. But I got good reviews about them through my fellow bloggers.

3. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has got great reviews by millions of people around the world and one of the most popular hosting providers that have emerged in recent days. They have very cheap hosting plans and an attractive UI with great customer support. But be aware guys! A lot of people faced ransomware attacks while using A2 hosting. Even there are complaints about slow DNS and SSL resolving.

4. SiteGround

One of the best hosting providers in the industry which is a bit costlier than Namecheap and other hosting providers. But whoever has used Siteground once, does not want to switch to some other hosting providers. They have excellent reviews for the bandwidth, site loading speed, and 24/7 customer support. And their WordPress hosting is much recommended.

5. Kinsta

A highly recommended web hosting provider who offers 40+ SAAS free products when you choose their cloud hosting. Through these SAAS products, you can easily take your website to a new dimension. They are extremely helpful tools that allow you to accept payments, track revenue, manage customer support, billing, file maintenance, analyze web traffic, monitor marketing, and sales activities, server, hosting and design maintenance, and a lot more.

6. WP Engine

The biggest hosting providing company in the field of WordPress managed to host. They provide high-quality premium WordPress themes with premium plugins along with their hosting packages. So if you are planning to choose WordPress CMS to build your website, you can surely think about WP Engine. It’s highly recommended for WordPress users to get clean easy web hosting altogether.

7. Hostgator

Hostgator is a premium-quality hosting service provider and a branded name in the industry providing high-quality services and prompt customer support to your queries. There are a lot of offers available along with a variety of packages. They do provide reseller club hosting packages with the best WHM set-up. I personally like Hostgator a lot due to their highly active customer support system.

8. Hostinger

People have mixed reviews about Hostinger. It works fine for some, and for some others, it doesn’t. But one thing is very common and most of them have the same complaints that the customer support is not always active and sometimes there can be a server down the issue. And also, the packages are a bit costly as compared to the other hosting provider packages. And is recommended for the sites having a higher budget with a costlier plan.

Need OF Domain And Hosting

You need two things to get a website ready on the web a “domain name” and a “Hosting Server” to make the web live.
While buying a domain from the domain registrars, you don’t have many options, as there are only two types of domains. Either you can go for “custom domain” or “sub domain” only.

And if you are doing it for commercial purpose to promote your business online, you must go for a custom domain to have full control over it, and also from the search engine optimization point of view.
But, while choosing the hosting-you will have plenty of options to choose from because there are many types of hosting and hundreds of hosting providers with a variety of hosting plans.

Now depending upon your requirements, and the amount of traffic you will be expecting, and the services your website offers, you need to choose the hosting option and plan. And of course, you will need a good experience in the field of web development/SEO/Digital Marketing to select the best hosting plan for your website.

Or else, consult with experts to get more information and then choose the hosting plan which is most suitable for your website.

What Are the Different Types of Web Hosting?

Choosing the perfect hosting for your website is not so easy due to the availability of options. There are new hosting companies are launching every now and then with lots of features and offers, and are enough to confuse you on which to go for and which not to.

As a beginner, you might not know the outcomes of such features. But a few years of working experience with the websites will lead you to choose the best one.

Here I’ll be discussing with you about various types of hosting available in the industry with their features and comparison with the others.

  • Free Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting

Free Hosting is a less secure type of hosting offered by Google blogger, Google Site, Infinityfree.com, profreehost.com, etc. for the lifetime to host unlimited domains for free. Yes, it’s totally free but comparatively less secure than the paid ones- and are mostly suitable for personal blogs, not the company websites.

So, if you have plans to host your company website or a blog/website where online transactions can take place, then go for a paid hosting plan. I have explained various paid hosting options with their features, limitations, comparisons in the following part. Have a look to know more about them in just 5 minutes! 

Difference between Shared and Dedicated Server Hosting

Shared Hosting

As a beginner, if you are planning to host your personal blog through which you are planning to earn, then choose a “Shared Hosting Plan” where you can host unlimited blogs. Choose the host with good bandwidth, higher RAM and higher CPU storage capacity. You don’t need to buy a separate server to host your blogs or sites unless you have a very high budget or you are already earning a lot from your blogs and want to increase the site loading speed to provide a better user experience.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated servers, on the other hand, provide complete data security to the websites. In case you want to maintain the bank data or account credentials, you must choose a dedicated server hosting to store sensitive data without anyone else’s interference on the same. Also, in case of bank/telecom or such type of websites you’ll need to have a very high speed of data conversion rate to provide lightning-fast responses to the users. And a dedicated server does it with perfection.

Of course, if you are earning well from the sites or have sites where you need to provide end-to-end data security to the users you must not look behind. It’s time for you to switch to a dedicated server hosting to provide the ultimate level of client/user satisfaction.

Note: even search engines (Google, Bing, and others) prefer ranking sites that are hosted on dedicated servers as they are lightning fast, literally.

Difference between Cloud and VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is almost the same as the shared hosting but with less/limited number of hosts sharing the main server/CPU. So you will get better bandwidth, higher page loading speed, higher data storage capacity than the shared hosting plans. Shared hosting plans are very basic plans, and the VPS hosting plans are just a “one-step higher plan” than the shared hosting plans.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the best hosting plan among all types of shared hosting plans where the main server is shared by a number of hosts but everything can be tracked, maintained, observed, monitored, and analyzed in real-time. You can also modify the bandwidth, storage capacity, CPU memory (RAM), etc. instantly based on your requirements. It’s not that you need to share the resources from the same server integrated with the cloud, but you can choose multiple servers and access their resources anytime you want, just by paying them online. As soon as you make the payment, you can access any resources from their respected servers- it’s that easy!

My Recommendation

The world is shifting towards a cloud environment, it’s easy to maintain and monitor if it’s in the cloud. And choosing the resources based on your requirements is as easy as choosing the best plan while you do a mobile phone recharge. So, I would suggest you choose Cloud Hosting plans for proper/optimal utilization of resources.

Final Words

What I must say finally is, though there are mixed feedbacks for hosting providers in many of these, still, most of the hosting providers are doing well, as the drawback the users are pointing out is not so huge. They are almost negligible and manageable.

So I would suggest you first understand your requirements, then do a bit of research on this topic, talk to the experts, check out the packages and what these hosting providers are offering. Then finally choose one and go with it. Don’t buy the plan for 2 or more years. First, purchase a plan for one year only. Then if you like their service and packages, you can decide whether to continue with them or switch to some other. You never know which one suits you the best till you use each one of them by yourself.